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Embroidery linen & creation made with love

By Sonia de Wasseige


You choose, we advise and carry out your wishes with great care

Embroidery artist, Sonia de Wasseige designs personalized gifts in linen, cotton and sponge. It enhances the precious moments of births, weddings or birthdays. Its ethical approach favors European textiles, refinement and fair prices. His creations, each time unique, defy time and fashion to become heritage.

Sonia de Wasseige shares her convictions as a passionate artist:


“We are the guardians of the world of tomorrow and of the heritage that we will leave to our children and their descendants. We must adopt a thoughtful consumption approach, promoting the sustainability and quality of products and respect for nature. From now on, each purchasing act must be imbued with reason and conscience but without forgetting an ounce of pleasure.


With this in mind, I am committed to contributing in my own way through my creations. They are made with local and environmentally friendly textiles, in an approach of respect for work and quality. Thus, I favor linen, sponge and natural cotton, symbols of textile elegance and authentic nobility. These materials take on a unique patina over time, revealing their timeless character.


You will not find any promotions or sales with us because our prices are carefully calculated to reflect the fair value of the product and the work. However, we want to contribute to society and invite you to contact us if you would like to involve us in your charitable work.


Giving an embroidered and personalized gift is always a success . Much more than an object, it's offering a small piece of art , a precious souvenir that will last in people's memories."

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